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We are making advertising on the Internet easier and more cost effective by going back to the basics (no costs per impression and click thru rates are eliminated).

To purchase advertising or sponsorship space, e-mail us at: Email or call 800 777-9763. Thank you.

Advertising Information for Classified Ad Category
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Advertising Information for Sponsorships
Call For Pricing

Sponsorship includes:

  • A ¾ page "Splash Ad" designed by you on the page of your choice within the quick search categories.

  • A full-size banner on top and bottom of the selected page.

  • Twenty (20 keywords) that, when typed into the keyword search, presents your URL at the top of the search answer page.

Splash Ad Position:

  • Primary "Quick Search Category" Page **.

  • Secondary "Quick Search Category" Page.

    ** Note: Your Company Name will be listed on the homepage of All Health as a "sponsor".

Ad Specifications
Line Listing:

Listing includes your Company Name, your URL and one line description.

Line Listing Size:
Not to exceed 300 pixels wide or 100 pixels tall.

Line Listing + Logo:
Listing includes text and logo, and may include your URL.

Line Listing + Logo Size:
Not to exceed 300 pixels wide or 200 pixels tall.

Company Logo:
Not to exceed 300 pixels wide or 80 pixes tall and should be in the form of jpg or gif file format.

Animations in the gif file format are acceptable, but
should not exceed a file size of 10k.

Send your artwork as an attachment to

Note: Payment must be received before your ad will appear