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Nursing History

  • Selected Resources for the History of Nursing
    Provides materials in the Library of the Royal College of Nursing, Great Britain's national nursing library. Guide to the first 100+ years of nursing literature, beginning with Florence Nightingale's Notes on nursing
  • History of Military Nursing Research
    The Army Nurse Corps initiated nursing research in the military and has been a major contributor to the evolution of both military and civilian nursing.
  • Graduate School Of Nursing History
    Discusses the history of the Graduate School of Nursing for the Department of Defense and the United States Public Health Service located in Bethesdad, MD.
  • Nursing History
    Help for researchers of nursing history, from the College of St. Benedict and St. Johns University Department of Nursing, St. Joseph, MN UMI
  • Research Collections: The History of Nursing
    Provides research resources of over five centuries of historical nursing materials from Teachers College, Columbia University teaching libraries.
  • Information Resources in Nursing History Canada
    Provides items on the History of Nursing using the University of Calgary Online Library Catalogue.
  • Nursing Servs History of School Menu Dublin, Ireland
    History of the School of Nursing, Nursing Services and the establishment of the first School of Nursing and Midwifery, Amalgamation of Schools, Relocation Development of Nurse Education
  • History -- PLU School of Nursing
    Reviews the history of the Pacific Lutheran University School of Nursing located in Tacoma, WA
  • The Florence Nightengale Museum
    Gives directions to the Florence Nightengale Museum located at St. Thomas's Hospital, 2 Lambeth Palace Road, London.
  • The Crimean War
    Crimean War: In a manner of seemingly unassociated events, this war and Ms. Nightingale's involvement in it would forever change the course of nursing education.
  • Nursing Through the Ages: A Photo History
    Photos of nursing history
  • Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry
    Focus is the preservation and study of nursing history in the United States. The goals of the Center include the collection of materials, the promotion of scholarship, and the dissemination of historical research findings.
  • Center for the Study of Nursing History
    University of Pennsylvania Center for The Study of The History of Nursing was founded in 1985 at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing to collect, preserve, and make accessible primary sources which document Nursing's history.
  • University of Connecticut School of Nursing- The NURHIS-L
    Listserv for Nursing Started on November 25, 1997, this International Forum for Nursing History has 175 members hailing from 14 countries.

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