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Nursing Care Plan Software

The following links are provided for informational purposes only. They do not represent a personal, professional, or institutional endorsement or recommendation. They have been arranged in alphabetical order for your convenience.

  • Care Computer Systems
    Provides clinical and financial software information systems to the long-term care industry.
  • Care Plan System - Melyx Corporation
    Offers a comprehensive range of nursing computer software, designed exclusively for health care professionals. These applications include: MDS, QI, QA, Case Mix, Care Plans & Physician Orders.
  • Encounter CP - jASCorp
    Provide all standards of care, including patient-focused delivery of drug products, Encounter Care Plans, and Extended Encounter Care Plans for disease state management.
  • Monette Information System
    Includes both financial and clinical software applications for the long term care industry.

    Last Reviewed 04/30/01