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Ethical - Legal Nursing

This listing contains information on the general issues of ethics and those specific to the ethics in healthcare, including articles, CE courses and structured courses from a university setting. They have been arranged in alphabetical order for your convenience. Click here for International links.
  • Ethics
    Provides reference materials, e.g., encyclopedias, dictionaries, print resources, indexes and abstracting services on ethics.
  • Ethical Choices: How to Know Right from Wrong
    Offers an on-line course in health ethics for fun (free) or for CEU's. It is a study of how to reason ethically and know right from wrong.
  • Ethics in Nursing
    Offers an online course in Ethics in Nursing from Northern Arizona University. This section introduces the concepts involved in nursing ethics.
  • Health Care Ethics
    Offers an online course in health ethics for fun (free) or for CEU's and user will be equipped to make basic ethical decisions on abortions, suicide, cloning, and patient information.
  • Health Care Issues
    Looks at some of the issues currently effecting nursing practice. This is part of the NUR301: Perspective in Professional Nursing -- a Northern Arizona University Online course.
  • Legal Aspects of Nursing
    Looks at how laws are made, by whom, and how they apply to nurses and nursing practice. It is part of an online course offered by Northern Arizona University.
  • Political/Legal/Ethics Arena
    Focuses on Internet sites for political, legal and ethical oriented links. NurseStat is the premier online resource for professional nurses.
  • Nursing Ethics
    Provides a forum for studies in the morality, ethics and law as it relates to professional development. It is a resource for nurses and other health professionals.
  • Nursing Practice
    Investigates some of the elements of nursing practice that are both controversial and essential to the concept of caring. This is part of an online course offered by Northern Arizona University.



  • Nursing Ethics
    Contains multiple resources and links related to Canadian nursing ethics.


  • European Database Network: Biomed-II-Project, Ethics in Medicine, Healthcare and Healthcare Professions
    Provides information for the fields of ethics in medicine where you can search for literature references on individual topics. Copies of the original literature can be ordered directly. Countries participating are France, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.

    United Kingdom

  • Freedom to Care: Healthcare Ethics
    Promotes the expression of social conscience in the workplace, public accountability and supports whistleblowing. Provides free information on professional ethics, bullying at work, corporate responsibility and other ethical issues.

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