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Case Study Resources

Multiple interactive case studies from different institution are listed to assist healthcare personnel from multiple disciplines including clinical laboratory, nursing, dental and medical students.

  • Chest Pain: An Interactive Case Study
    Presents clinical cases that are designed to introduce you to the process of clinical problem solving. These cases are designed to coordinate with the first year student MCB curriculum, the Creighton University School of Medicine Case Presentation Modules.
  • Critical Care Snapshots: An Interative Patient Care Case Study
    Designed to be interactive case scenarios for nurses involved in making informed decisions at the bedside. Each case study will involve the student in the critical thinking process, from the University of Maryland School of Nursing.
  • Interactive Case Studies: Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease
    Provides a list, by system, of interactive case studies geared toward the medical student. The
    purpose of these case studies is to highlight mechanisms and manifestations of common and important human diseases.
  • The Interactive Patient at Marshall University School of Medicine
    Provides a teaching tool for physicians, residents and medical students offers a case with a chief complaint to the user who then has to interact with the patient requesting additional history, performing a physical exam, and reviewing laboratory data and x-rays.
  • MedFiles
    Contains medical case presentations and teaching files from various resources. They are intended to be used by health care professionals.
  • Medical Rounds - University of Colorado
    Contains a compilation of interactive medical cases submitted by physicians from around the world.
  • Pediatric Case Studies
    Contains a collection of links to case studies, tutorials from multiple facilities, medical and nursing.
  • Virtual Hospital - University of Iowa
    Presents information for healthcare providers by specialty, common problem, department and organ system.
  • Virtual Periodontology
    Includes a glossary of relavant terms and extensive images. Topics include: gingivitis, flap surgery, and periodontitis. From Malmö University, Sweden. Virtual
  • Phlebotomy: A Computer Aided Course of Instruction
    Produced by nurses at the University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Nursing, this interactive instruction includes course objectives, three case studies, a glossary, and a bibliography.

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