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Insurance Brokers

Provides information about brokers who offer insurance products, from different lines of business, such as health, disability, vision, etc. Brokers work with multiple insurance agencies and will provide products for individuals or grouped that are competitively priced with similar benefits.

United Kingdom

    Provides an independent on line medical and health insurance broker for ex-patriots, offering quotes worldwide.

  • United States

  • Bolton and Company, Insurance Brokers
    Provides commercial insurance, employee benefits, risk management or Human Resource Administration services.
  • Complete Insurance Incorporated
    Represents companies in the world's insurance market and negotiates on their behalf and assists in day-to-day matters.
  • Genatt Associates Inc. - Insurance Agency
    Specializes in Real Estate, Truck leasing, hotel and all forms of manufacturing risks. They provide commercial insurance, workers' compensation, employee benefits.
    Provides insurance coverage for business and self-employed.
  • Maryland Accident and Health Insurance Agents
    States they are your resource to companies doing business in Maryland.
    Provides international opportunities for insurance through several companies for individuals and small business.
  • Pearce and Company
    Provides brokerage services for life, health, annuity and pension funds.
    Provides a free service that allows you to shop for Health Insurance for many different companies.
  • U.S. Financial, Ltd
    Provides health, life, and disability policies to citizens of California.
  • Weisburger Insurance: Products & Services
    Provides insurance coverage for pest control and green industries. Offers a complete line of professional and personal coverage, umbrella liability, auto and workers compensation.
  • Welcome to the Watson Group
    Offers multiple divisions, Alternative Risk, Bond, Claims Management, Commercial Insurance, Life/Employee Benefits, Personal and Professional Liability Insurance.

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