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Health and the Media

  • 9Online Health Watch - News in Medicine
    Oklahoma's most dynamic news station brings you updates on current health issues with competent advice from acclaimed specialists.
  • Living Index
    American Broadcasting Company: Health & Living News.
  • Associated Press
    "The Associated Press, information about and from the world's oldest and largest news organization"
  • CBS Healthwatch
    CBS News/CBSHealthWatch two leaders committed to excellence in the delivery of news and information to you, doctors, and entire health team.
  • Channel 4000, Minnesotas Hometown Homepage: WCCO TV-Health Facts
    Tune in to WCCO-TVs Morning News with Dave Huddleston and Cindy Hillger for the latest in health news.
  • CNN - Health
    Cable News Network: Multiple topics, updated daily.
  • Fox News Health Wires
    Fox News Health Page: Multiple Topics, Updated Daily.
  • Headline Watch
    Mayo Clinic's Health Oasis: Mayo Clinic experts provide current medical information and news on health topics. Learn about treatment options and prevention methods.
  • MSNBC Health Front
    MSNBC Health.
  • News Now: Health & Science
    Select a Program: Tapes and Transcripts All Things Considered.
  • Reuters Health
    Daily updates of health-related news, aimed at the health care professional. Archived items are searchable.
  • Rx TV
    On this site you will find regularly updated health stories, Real Video clips covering medical issues (you must have RealPlayer installed).
  • ScienceDaily Magazine -- Your link to the latest research news
    The magazine's articles are actually news releases submitted by leading universities and other research organizations around the world.
  • Thinking Allowed
    A national PBS series and video library. Featuring areas of psychology, health and healing, and the frontiers of science.
  • TV One
    Network news in the classroom. The station has a program schedule that outlines health and additional topics of interest.
  • USA Today Healthline
    USA Today Healthline: Multiple Topics, Updated Daily.
  • WRAL OnLine - Health Team
    Get the latest health news and medical breakthroughs from the team of health professionals you know and trust.
  • Your Health Daily, The New York Times Syndicate
    Timely, in-depth articles on a variety of health news topics. Our news partners include the authoritative Medical Tribune News Service and leading daily newspapers.

Last reviewed 3/18/01