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Handheld computer technology or personal digital assistant (PDA) is one of the fastest growing technology advances to assist healthcare professionals in quickly accessing health and medical information. This category provides web sites with medical software (shareware, freeware or purchase), database software, and publications. Submit your favorite site at Suggest a Site.

PDA Freeware/ Shareware

  • ABG Decoder
    Analyzes ABG results and places the values in the appropriate fields.
  • Asthma Treatment Guidelines - NHLBI/NAEPP
    Features succinct and practical point-of-care reference including diagnosis and assessment, contributing factors, pharmacologic treatment, medication dosages and patient education.
  • ATP III Cholesterol Management Guidelines - NHLBI/NCEP
    Presents the Adult Treatment Panel III Cholesterol Guidelines in an interactive guideline tool to assist the clinician at the point of care. Programs also contains ATP III classification of lipid levels, ATP III CHD risk assessment, Drug therapy for lipid lowering, etc.
  • BMI Calculator
    Features include BMI classification table for adults. Provides information about BMI from the Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults. Created by National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.
  • Doser4.2 - Drug Calculations
    Calculates mcg/kg/min mg/kg/hr, rate mcg/kg/hr mg/kg/min useful for calculating various drug infusions.
  • e-MedTools - Nutri-Rx
    Review The eGuide to Enteral Feeding that compiles essential data on over 50 enteral feeding formulas, presenting the information in an easy to use format. Nutri-Rx provides helpful information when determining what enteral feeding solution best meets your patient's needs. Free demo download.
  • Epocrates qID 1.0 Infectious Disease Application
    Provides fast and complete antimicrobial treatment recommendations without complicated cross-referenced tables. Accesses over 400 bugs and 400 drugs.
  • Epocrates qRX 4.0 Clinical Drug Database
    Features adult and peds dosing, contraindications, drug interactions, adverse reactions, mechanism of action as well as a multi drug interaction checker, regimens, DocAlerts and auto updates.
  • Glasgow Coma Scale
    Rates three categories of patient responses: Eye opening, best Motor response, and best Verbal response. Levels of responses indicate the degree of nervous system or brain impairment.
  • Medical Applications: Calculators
    Check this list of medical calculators, MedMath and several statistical analysis programs.
  • MedMath 1.2
    Features more than 20 formulas sorted by category, with selectable units and onscreen numeric keypad. MedMath is a free medical calculator for the Palm, written by a physician for rapid calculation of common formulas in adult internal medicine.
  • OEI Treatment Guidelines Implementation Tool - NHLBI
    Allows you to instantly generate individualized and evidence-based assessment and treatment recommendations for each patient at the point-of-care with this free interactive program. Features include BMI calculation, Cardiovascular Risk Factor Assessment, Weight Loss Goals, etc.
  • Palm ECG
    Features 25 ECG arrhythmias with explanations of P, PRI, QRS, Rate, Rhythm, etc. Push buttom explanations and zooming features for the ECG/EKG field guide.
  • P.I.C.U. - Pediatric Drug Calculations
    Calculates various drugs that are most commonly used in a pediatric I.C.U. It calculates reanimation intubation and vasoactive drugs by simply entering the weight of the patient.
  • Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI)
    Calculates drugs used in their rapid sequence intubation protocol (adult & pediatric), just by entering the weight. Developed for Medflight of Ohio.
  • STAT Cardiac ClearanceTM (Beta Test)
    Navigate the ACC/AHA or ACP Guidelines for Perioperative Cardiovascular Evaluation.
  • STAT Cardiac RiskTM
    Estimates coronary heart disease risk using the Framingham Heart Study Prediction Scores.
  • STAT CholesterolTM (Beta Test)
    Guides clinicians through the new ATP III cholesterol guidelines. It calculates absolute risk of MI using the point method outlined in the ATP III Executive Summary. Low memory requirements of less than 50k.
  • STAT Growth ChartTM
    Calculates growth percentiles based on the June 2000 revision of the CDC Growth Charts for the United States. It includes new body mass index-for-age charts.
  • Tarascon ePharmacopeia
    Presents the electronic version of the Pocket Pharmacopoeia for handheld personal digital assistants using Palm OS. Currently, downloads are free.

PDA Medical Software (Charge) Top of Page

  • Current Clinical Strategies - Medical Books in Palm Format
    Access a listing of medical books in palm format. One-time charge of $9.00, you can download as many of these references as desired.
  • e-MedTools - Alternative Medicine
    Offers software on Alternative Medicine. The database contains common alternative medicines such as herbs, vitamins, and other over the counter supplemental products. Drug interactions, side effects, and data regarding the benefits and risks of these agents from the medical literature are included. Purchase price: $30 US.
  • Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 14e Companion Handbook
    Remains the "pocket book" of choice for quick information on pahtophysiology, clinical presentation, deiagnois, and treatment of all disorders. Updated 1/31/00. Requires 1070 KB and handheldmed software reader. Price is $79.95.
  • Interactive Medical Books
    Preview this series of portable, hand-held medical textbooks arranged by specialty. They are designed to bridge the gap between the printed 'pocket guides' crammed into your lab coat pockets and the standard encyclopedic reference texts lining your shelves.
  • Merck Manual of Geriatrics e-Book
    Remains the definitive reference for those specializing in care and treatment of the geriatric population. Third Edition. Requires 1,670 KB and handheldmed software reader. Purchase reference for $74.99.
  • Nursing Drugs
    Provides detailed drug database introduced by Lexi-Comp's Clinical Reference Library. Minimum requirement - Palm OS v3.0
  • PEPID (Portable Emergency and Primary Care Information Database)
    Presents a vast amount of point of care information for physicians and nurses through the use of a portable electronic database. Current areas of focus include emergency medicine, nursing, and primary care.
  • Physicians Desk Reference
    Customized for specific audiences, including consumers, physicians, RNs, advanced practice nurses and pharmacists. Handheld version will be available, Winter 2002.
  • Pocket Physician
    Offers the most commonly used tables, lists, equations and algorithms needed by the busy healthcare professional. A concise and intuitive interface lets you use this powerhouse of information within minutes.
  • On-Time-Rx
    Serves as a patient medication management tool as well as a portable medical history. Stores and maintains medication information and updates are easy to enter. Minimum requirement - Palm OS v2.0
  • STAT CPT CoderTM
    Includes all CPT 2001 surgical procedure codes with medium length description. Categorized by organ system. Runs on any Palm OS PDA.
  • STAT E&M CoderTM
    Provides an interactive Evaluation and Management checklist to automate the complex HCFA 1995 and 1997 codes. E & M coding is both a compliance and a revenue problem for most physician practices. Take the guesswork out of the coding and documentation process.
  • STAT ICD-9 CoderTM
    Includes the 15,000 ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes and has been updated for 2001. Categories are by disease classification to the highest specificity. Free demonstration software available.
  • Teacher's P.E.T v 2.0
    Designed for teachers, by a teacher, it offers grading, attendance, contact information, and more. Keep tabs on up to 10 classes at a time. It's easy to use and can make the chore of tracking students and marking assignments a real pleasure.

PDA Resource Index Top of Page

  • Coffee Cup Wireless Web Builder
    Create and build Web pages and Web sites for viewing on cell phones, PDAs, and other Internet devices. Get everything you need for creating and maintaining your Wireless Web site, all in one easy-to-use package.
  • Ectopic Brain: Palm OSR Handhelds in Clnical Practice
    Serves as a starting point for physicians and nurses interested in exploring the potential of handheld computers in clinical practice. Provides links to basic applications, medical applications, medical calculation files and more.
  • HanDBase
    Provides an affordable software platform to build custom palm applications. Also provides the world's largest FREE handheld database library. Free to try.

  • Healthy PalmPilot
    Provides over seven categories of resources that are available for download. This site is part of the Network.
  • JOT
    Provides advanced electronic signature technology for end-users to programmers. Eliminates the need to learn "Grafitti". Free trial version. Minimum requirement is a Palm OS v2.0.
  • Medical Software
    Preview this extensive listing of over 500 medical software programs for handheld computers.
  • Nearly Mobile
    Provides information dedicated to the new, non-techie Palm OS user. Topics include the basic of palm devices, palm software installation guide, as well as hints, tips, and tricks. Discussion board available for palm questions.
    Presents a comprehensive source for medical PDA products and information. News, reviews, columns, features and a full selection of hardware, software and accessories for Palm, Pocket PC, and EPOC handheld devices
  • Palms & Nursing
    Acquints nurses with PDAs and the application in nursing. Multiple sections provide excellent information: Choosing a PDA, Basic Functions, Clinical Reference Guides, and software links. Written by nurses for nurses from the bedside, advanced practice to the classroom.
  • Educator Tools
    Offers a variety of software programs to assist educators in tracking student's attendance to quiz taking. Teachers P.E.Tv2.0, Flip Chart Express and Quizzler 2.01 are examples of the programs at

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